Welcome to Northland Area Family Service Center

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 The Northland Area Family Service Center was created as a unique way to give rural access to county and educational services, and to meet community needs through innovative programming. Incorporated in 1996 as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, we serve the Northland Community School District and parts of Leech Lake Reservation. This is a population of 4,474 people (5.26 persons per square mile). In our service area, 20% of households make less than $20,000 and 11.9% or 536 people in our community live below the poverty line. 


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Our Mission

 We provide education, mentoring, and support services that build strong individuals and families in the Northland Community School District. 


Our Vision

As a result of our work, we are breaking the cycle of generational poverty one family at a time. 


our core values

  • Education is an important key to building self-sufficient individuals and strong families. 
  • Every person has value. We operate out of consideration for each individual's dignity. 
  • Strong families build strong communities. 
  • Healthy families and community systems are essential to supporting sustainable change in individuals. 
  • We strive for communities in which people are interdependent. 
  • We collaborate with other organizations that support our mission.

2018 Northland Area Family Service Center Annual Report

2018 annual report (pdf)