Family Center Preschool

Who:  Children, who are 3 by September 1st of the present school year, can attend two, three or four days of school each week.

Where:  Our classroom is located at the Northand Area Family Service Center.

When:  Our preschool runs from September through May following the schedule of School District #118. Busing is available.

Goal:  To provide each child with learning opportunities within a rich, caring and respectful environment to better prepare them for kindergarten.

Philosophy:  We are committed to fostering your child's excitement about learning as well as exploring and caring for the world around them. Play-based learning for the whole child, indoors and outdoors, are key to our approach to child development. Our daily routine unfolds in a number of settings with a range of developmentally appropriate activity choices made by the children. This approach empowers a diverse group of children to get their needs met.

Curriculum:  Our curriculum is a blend of traditional, play-based preschool standards aligned with the MN Early Learning Standards and environmental education.