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Healthy Families Minnesota Family Center Home Visiting

 Wouldn't  it be nice to have someone listen to your parenting struggles without  judging you or forcing their opinion on you? Someone who will cheer you  on as you work toward your dreams for yourself and your family, and  point out all your progress when you feel like you’re getting nowhere?  Someone who believes in you and sees your potential?

As Family  Support Specialists, we are that someone for many families. We work with  families to figure out what they want for their children and their  families, then help them figure out how to reach those goals. As a  family in our program, we would bring you research based information on  what to expect at certain stages in your child’s life, and how you can  support your child to become the happy, healthy person every parent  wants their child to be. During the visits, we focus on what is  important to you!

We help you find answers common questions, like:

  • How can I be a parent and still have a life?
  • How can I deal with stress and keep the stress from affecting my baby?
  •  What kinds of things do I need to teach my child so he/she is ready for school?
  • How can I help my child grow up with the characteristics that matter the most?
  • How do I help him/her to be independent, smart, trustworthy, family oriented, etc. (whatever matters most in your family)?

Offering HOPE and helping families THRIVE...

Healthy  Families Minnesota Family Centers Home Visiting has been serving our  community for 11 years! Since 2006, over 300 Cass County families have  received home visits! Family Center Home Visiting is a free program  through the Pine River-Backus, Northland & Pillager Family Centers.  Home Visiting begins prenatally or before your child is 3 months old and  continues through their third birthday. Weekly home visits are filled  with fun activities & information about your child's development.  From charting their first milestones, to identifying qualities and  characteristics you want in your child.  Your Family Support  Specialists help you, as a parent, pick out what is important to you and  create ways to instill those same values in your children!

Connect with your local Family Center to learn more about Home Visiting & other parenting resources in your community!

  • Lee Anne with Northland Area Family Service Center -       Remer (218)-566-3636                                                                          
  • Amy with Pine River-Backus Family Center -                            Pine River (218)-587-4292                                
  • Alexandra with Pillager Area Family Center -                     Pillager (218)-746-4009                

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 Serving  Families Prenatally through 3 years old. Whether you are a first time  parent or a fifth time parent, Family Center Home Visiting can help  strengthen your family, encourage you as a parent, and help prepare your  children for school and learning. Our Family Support Specialists offer  resources and support to help you learn alongside your baby as they grow  and develop.

Growing Great Kids & Growing Great  Families is a strengths-based curriculum which promotes parent-child  relationships and healthy childhood development, Growing Great Kids  & Growing Great Families offer: fun activities that support your  child's growth and development, ideas for making age-appropriate toys  from common household items, and creative self-care techniques for  parents and caregivers.

Contact Lee Anne at 218-566-3636 for more information or to sign up.

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